Lay Pro 88 will make you MONEY!

Yes the results are old, but there is enough of them to show it works!

For the 11 months to November 17th

With Laypro Staking Plan


(includes 3 week holiday 14th August to 4th Sept)


Latest Results are now in.

For November

94 bets, 11 unsuccessful

88% strike rate

12.65 units on flat betting


32.11 units on Laypro88 Stake Plan

Since we released the System on 1st August 2007.


UK and Ireland Results.

504 straight bets, 61 loser,

89.2% strike rate

231.20 points of profit (including 5% commission)

(£100 bets = £23,120.00 profit)

(£10 bets= £2,312.00 profit)

And that is with a 3 week holiday (14th August to 4th Sept).

Still not convinced?










This is not some Dumb Ass System put together by kids!

NO SIR! This is an actual working system used

By a Pro Punter on BETFAIR!

This is a laying method (laying horses to LOSE.)

Fact: 88% strike rate over 2 1/2 years!


We hear a lot about pro punters, fulltime gamblers.

They are not mythical they do exist.

These are people who have the freedom to do as they please no boss, very little time restraints.

If you take on this system you will see by the results the owner of this system doesnt always start at a set time. But one thing you will notice is that he wins month in and month out!

Look at the summary of Results (FLAT Stake)

Pretty Impressive, I think you would agree!

Now YOU CAN Own this system!

You get the 2 1/2 years results with every bet!

This is a lay system that provides Anthony with his living! That means it works.

If it didn't he would starve!

So if it is paying him why won't it pay you?

You don't stick to the simple plan.

You bet outside the money management recommendation.

You don't buy the system.

You buy the system and don't use it

You can not bet live on the UK races.

You can not access Betfair.

Apart from that you will win with it it's as simple as that.

What you need to use this method.

A Betfair account.

Be able to bet live on UK racing.

Have internet access.

Be able to follow 4 simple rules.

Bank the winnings.

Remember this is a money making proven method.

It is called LAY PRO 88

Because it is a Lay Method

Because it is a money earner hence the PRO

and 88 because for the last 2 and half years it has had a

88% Strike Rate!!!

Plus you can view after purchase a video of the system in action!

Hi Steve,
This is part of the report I sent to our publisher as promised.
The results relate to UK races only.
The Lay Pro 88 system produced the enclosed results upto the end of UK racing on Sunday.
Unfortunately the system turned up a winner with
the weeks final selection. The win damaged the
weeks profit slightly but over all the 6 days produced a 21.3 point profit using the Lay pro 88 staking option.
I would think that compounding should be useful to the betting bank and will further test the system in the coming week.
In summary.
The system is easy to learn and use and with the Spreadsheet provides an interesting product. The testing to date has been positive and my thoughts are that a further week of testing should provide further positive results. The coming days will provide the answers but over all I think Lay Pro 88 looks likely to succeed in the long term.
Kind Regards

Norman Spencer 

Rhuddlan, North Wales


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Remember you can bet on UK racing through Betfair in most countries except the USA.

Strike Rate is 88%

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Steve Davidson


If Anthony can make his living of this then why can't you, just follow the simple instructions.

If you don't accept this offer where will you be with you punting in a month from here?


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